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All our creative cross-functional teams work together seamlessly to delivery a high quality product


From the discovery to uncovery of...

From the discovery to uncovery of your business needs, we believe requirement gathering is the most important step of the project. This results in the finalization of the specs and delivery of wireframes or mockups.


Finalized prototype is converted into...

Finalized prototype is converted into live designs during this phase. Our designs are created based on brand guidelines, user requirements and best industry standards.


This phase involves programming...

This phase involves programming, database and CMS development using technologies like .NET, HTML5, PHP, Flash, Ajax, MS SQL Server, mySQL etc.


In this stage, the final product is...

In this stage, the final product is fully tested and debugged. Last minute tweaks are also carried out based on client suggestions.


In the final and most exciting...

In the final and most exciting stage the site/application is transferred to the hosting server and goes Live. We take pride in offering one of the most comprehensive maintainance packages to serve all of our client's needs.


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We provide complete end to end web solution to meet all your business needs

Web Design

From basic informational websites to advanced, multi-functional content management systems, we do it all and we do it beautifully. The sole purpose of our existence is to enhance your digital footprint and e-presence.

Social Marketing

We want everyone to Like you and we will make sure they do. Social media is becoming increasingly influential and we want you to benefit from it. From Facebook strategy to Twitter feeds, Createwhiz provides and implements a comprehensive strategy to put your business on the social sphere.


We not only want to make your business beautiful, we also want to make your business famous. Createwhiz boasts state of the art SEO strategy to put your website on the world wide map. Our SEO specialists work closely with your business to determine, analyze and optimize the perfect set of keywords to ensure the highest probability of exposure.


Right from project inception, we strategize a road map to brand your identity. This involves everything from choosing the perfect color palettes for your logo to printing flyers and brochures for your upcoming business open house.

Mobile App

Want to convert your existing website into a Phone App? Createwhiz can help turn that dream into reality. Createwhiz very carefully analyzes your business needs to come up with the perfect Phone app solution to make sure your business has that competitive edge in the market.

Software Solution

Whether you operate a retail, wholesale, or a delivery business, we specialize in providing various software solutions geared towards improving efficiency and management of your business. We can customize each solution to fit your specific business needs.
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We are a group of young professionals in love with design and technology. We do more than just create websites; our real passion is making businesses succeed

Whether you are a new company trying to create an identity for yourself or an established business trying to tap into a bigger market share, each of our solutions is tailored specifically to meet your business needs

Our solutions are based on creativity, business analysis and beautiful technology - all sown together seamlessly to create the most perfect concoction

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